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"The nurturing of our minds and our creative spirits is essential to sustain our health and wellbeing. In response to our changing needs, I have created a range of services to support you. One-on-One therapy is available for online sessions only. For free community support please join me in Noula's Breathing Space. Click below to see what's available. Although rocky and uncomfortable, these are the times in which we can truly grow in ourselves and with those around us."

xx Noula


 Noula is an Australian psychotherapist, author and artist. Noula’s work covers three core dimensions: Firstly, her focus on providing psychotherapy support to adults who experience symptoms arising from childhood neglect, emotional adversity  and PTSD, as well as other mental health issues; Secondly within her personal art practice where she uses a range of large-scale mediums to open new conversations and perspectives on mental health issues. She is the founding director of the BeCause Movement www.becausemovement.org; Finally through workshops and courses which focus on the unique relationship between relational neuroscience, therapy and art..


Noula’s work is fueled by a deeply held ambition to eliminate the influence of neglect, the experience of not being loved or accepted or knowing that you belong, that you matter within your family and community. She believes that with the support of heart-felt psychology practice and a better understanding how we are wired to attach and how we have unconsciously created strategies to survive when we were young that now no longer serve us in adulthood and the effectiveness of art process on our mental health and wellbeing, individuals can move through limiting mental barriers and behaviour blocks, and into a higher quality of life..

Psychotherapy is an art form to me. It's not
a mechanically applied process, it is human to human, heart to heart, mind to mind, together collaborating, artfully, towards a journey of healing. This isn't Art Therapy
it is the art of therapy."  


From art projects & collaborations, to therapy inquiries - contact Noula here...


747 Darling Street

Rozelle NSW Australia 2039


0418 480 587

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Through beauty and visionary expression,

she creates structures that influence

society and culture.