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Social Isolation does not include isolation from social support. 

Amongst the confusion and chaos of this time, it's important to remember that we are all feeling and experiencing 'this'. So it's only through community that we will find our way through. 

Every Tuesday I will be operating a 
Free to all Online Community Session. 

Open to everyone, Noula's Breathing Space is designed to provide a safe place for anyone to feel, to share, to breathe and to feel grounded again by the stories and advice of fellow neighbours. 


All sessions will be guided by me as a therapist, with our first session offering a general breathing space for anything you'd like to share. Based on the feedback I hear through your challenges and stories, I will then invite weekly specialists into the meeting who may be able to clear your confusion or provide a deeper perspective on particular issues. 


Whatever your specific needs, we will find support.

Click on the relevant group below to register and receive access information to the call.

And don't forget to add it to your diary! 


These sessions are open to anyone - world wide.

So please feel free to pass this invite along.

xx Noula 

Breathing Space

Open to anyone looking for a new perspective on businesses challenges resulting from current events.

Open to anyone who needs to feel the feels and receive the healing power of community.

Open to all creatives needing a safe space  to share blocks, feelings or inspirations at this time.