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Dare to Imagine...

Creating new connections in our mind, heart and spirit


Noula Diamantopoulos has a deep sensitivity and brings an undivided attention to removing the affect of emotional neglect on human lives; an affect which stops us from knowing who we are.


A Sydney-based psychotherapist, she works with clients who have experienced complex PTSD, trains other therapists in the psychotherapeutic modality Brainspotting, and champions the role of the creative and expressive arts in healing.


She is founder of both Brainspotting Training Hub and BeCause Movement, Author of You Are. That is. Creative, and her artworks are represented by Artereal Gallery, Australia.



Recent Achievements


2022 Psychotherapist on BBC / ABC Docuseries Space 22

2023 Silver Medalist - People's Choice - Women Changing the World Health & Wellbeing Catagory

2023 Founder Brainspotting Training Hub

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