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Bring art, mind and behaviour together, to create a holistic and expressive you. 

In this work, Noula asks us to consider our own creativity capacity and its valuable contribution to our life. Supported by stories from her psychotherapy/coaching and art teaching practice, she takes
you on a journey of self-awareness to help uncover the way you do things and the way you make things – whether it’s the making of art or a decision. In just five short steps Noula helps you come to know things about yourself that really matter when it comes to better understanding your innate creative process.


It's about self-awareness and moving through our own shame based thinking and behaviour and into the creation of a fulfilling and meaningful life. 

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Founded on her deep passion for the creative arts, and her belief in its ability to effect positive life transformation, Noula’s creativity workshops are designed to assist you in all matters regarding your creativity. Whether you are looking to overcome a block, to set goals/intentions, or to simply understand the role of creativity in your life, her intention is to offer an affordable art workshop to develop your innate creative gifts, through a supportive community. and available community to support the creation of your life.

Psychotherapist, Author, Artist

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