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Is my happiness dependent on other people around me?

Can you create happiness around you?

Since its debut at Artereal Gallery as an Experimental Art Performance in 2011, QUEST has now been performed by Noula with hundreds of individuals at Sydney and Melbourne Contemporary Art Fairs, and for venues and organisations throughout Australia. And following the launch of her book, You Are. That Is. Creative. - which explores and documents her Questing experience - Quest has now become a widely valued therapeutic and creative self-discovery model. 

What is Quest?

"Quest is a space to explore personal or each other’s questions while abandoning the need to find answers; where the act of giving and receiving implores our imagination and we enter a place of wonderment. It's an art of questioning and suspending the need to pursue an answer. It is an art because it requires consideration and contemplation. It requires you to search for the most fitting words as you form a responsive question. This requires articulation and engaging with your imagination - both of which offer a new level of support to not only our sense of self, but also our well-being." - Noula

The challenging format of QUEST belies the answer driven society in which we live today. By deliberately focusing on the question rather than the answer, QUEST forces participants to stop, pause and reflect – a process which in many instances leads individuals to the realisation that the initial question with which they began, is not in fact the real question which lies at the heart of the matter after all.

How do I make others happy?

Can an unhappy person make another unhappy person happy?

Is it true that when I'm happy, others will be happier too?

Is it possible to stay happy all the time?

How do we deal with the negative thoughts?

You Can Quest
With Noula

QUEST is now a work-place program used by Noula to support employee and organisational Well-Being / Mental Health. For a full or half day booking, Noula will quietly be placed in an open, yet private space in your workplace, where staff can sit with her and QUEST through their challenges at their leisure. For more information or to book QUEST for your workplace - please click below.


You can read more about Quest, start your own Quest or learn to self-Quest through You Are. That Is. Creative - A self-paced journey that reveals your unique and innately powerful creative and healing process.

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