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Noula is working up a storm to redevelop, refresh, and reinvigorate this part of her offering which will include both training and experiential elements which she hopes to bring to you in the second half of this year.


In the meantime - you may wish to join one of her extended workshops (below) or purchase her book that offers beneficial creative practices - big and small.

Art & Wellbeing Workshops


Brainspotting Training

Phases 1 & 2

Training with Noula | Live and Online | Held regularly throughout the year


If you’re involved with healing in anyway, have you considered becoming trained in Brainspotting (BSP)? Brainspotting is a brain-based/body-based tool to support the therapy relationship. It uses eye positioning to locate unprocessed trauma in the deeper subcortical brain, allowing it to be processed in the way it didn’t get processed the first time around. Personally, I have found BSP to be the
perfect companion to all the different therapeutic modalities I use.

For Dates and specific training information click
below - this will take you to Brainspotting Training
Hub - the official hub for Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the Australasian Pacific region.

Can creative practice support mental health and well-being?

Oh Yes!

Watch Noula as she shows beloved Australian professionals just how.


If you cannot make it to a Noula Workshop, don't worry you can also stay up to date and learn with Noula online. Join the hundred of people
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