Being in control of your life
simply by understanding

the impact of your nervous

system on your behaviour and state of being.

Noula is a trauma informed & trauma sensitive psychotherapist interweaving mind/body psychology and creative processes to support and rebuild mental health.  She works with individuals who feel misunderstood and marginalised because they are suffering from mental and emotion distress due to complex PTSD, DID, BPD, OCD, and relationship issues. She is currently in training for Somatic Experiencing (SE), and  fully trained in Dialectic Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR, full member EMDRAA), and certified in Brainspotting (BSP Certified Consultant) and is a BSP Trainer and is trained in Heart Math Trauma Sensitive therapy. She has trained and continues to be trained by Frank Corrigan in Deep Brain Reorienting (DBR) and is certified in HeartMath - The Resilient Heart.Whether you are working through deep trauma, or moving through life’s everyday challenges, Noula listens to your story with compassion, offers judgement-free perspectives, and provides collaborative tools that support higher quality living. 

“There is a science and an art to therapy. I support people experiencing any sort of stress in their lives that prevents them living a fulfilling & enriched life. Whether the stress is work related, home related, relationship related, illness related or unresolved past experiences that are trapped in the body's memory cells, I know that healing can occur.”





Noula's Psychotherapy Services

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Unfortunately I am unable to take on any new clients for 2021. 

Please email me here if you wish to be placed on waiting list for 2022

My practice is a judgement free space and is open to anyone who wishes to see me face-to-face or online. To support our comfort and health, all necessary safety precautions are in place including hand sanitisation, atomising eucylptus oil and the thorough sanitisation of all surfaces, chairs and door handles between face-to-face sessions.


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 The process is about feeling whole and to know and to experience new ways to navigate the challenge that you are faced with.