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Discovering more about your healing journey and life process

If you’re on a healing journey right now - with me or anyone else - I’d like to invite you to participate in some research, which will require you doing a little journalling exercise that you will then feedback to me.


The journal exercise is 5 steps to unfolding your creative process. But this is not just about creativity, it’s about knowing who you are, navigating your life on the planet, learning about how you face challenges and how aware you are of this way of being.


I will be using the information I receive in two parts:

Part 1 - Research on ways of being, and ways of healing, to observe what is unconscious and conscious. Your information is considered totally confidential and will not be shared with anyone else.


Part 2 - As a result of this research, I may request specific permission to publish some of the content I receive in a new book about the Creative Process - but this will not take place without your permission. For Part 2 not everyone will be selected, but I am needing about 100 participants to see if there are any trends and key topics that will add value to this narrative. If yours is selected, I will change all names and some of the content to ensure it is not relatable to anyone. 

To participate, please fill out this consent form. Once completed you will recieve an email containing the journal exercise material - which will need to be returned by the 25th September 2021.


Thank you so much for helping me on this journey of collective healing. 

xx Noula.

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Participate in Research

A thought in shame relevant to the focus you're included about. 

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