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Creating new connections in our minds & behaviours.

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Psychotherapy with Noula

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Supervision or Brainspotting 


Noula is an Australian psychotherapist, artist and author, and the founding director of the BeCause Movement. Across all her expressions, she is deeply passionate about removing the influence of neglect on human lives. 


"I have a sensitivity towards those people who have experienced neglect in their lives. What do I mean by neglect? Any experience where we are feeling less than, not enough, not worthy to be loved, unacceptable for any reason, and what we end up experiencing is being left out, uncared for… in other words neglected. 


When we have experienced neglect in our lives, we will find ourselves always striving to be more, to do more, to achieve more, to give more, at the sacrifice to our own wellbeing. And curiously, when we sacrifice our own wellbeing, we are now neglecting ourselves. 


Neglect is what I’m here to help others defeat."


Along-side therapy work, Noula uses a range of mediums to open new conversations and perspectives on mental health issues. She is represented by Artereal Gallery, Australia.

“Psychotherapy is an art form to me. It's not
a mechanically applied process, it is human to human, heart to heart, mind to mind, together collaborating, artfully, towards a journey of healing. This isn't Art Therapy
... it is the art of therapy."  


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