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Play is the language of children. Knowing how to engage with them develops emotional growth, whilst deepening their connection with you. As an adult, it also gives you the pleasure of enjoying being child-like through play - a quality that is underestimated in its value for us “grown ups”.  


About this Experiential Workshop

Through her many years of experience in psychotherapy, the thorough study of mental trauma and art, and as an exhibiting artist - Noula will focus on understanding and deepening the psychology of children in an experiential and interactive way.


She will share with us useful tips for the toolbox of every person who comes into contact with children, with the aim of better approaching them, in both pleasant and interactive ways. By providing another way of communicating with children, we create a safe relationship through which they will feel us as allies in any emotional or other difficulty they may face in their daily life.


This workshop is experiential, enjoyable, and fun, leaving you with a wealth of information and skills, and tools that will allow the participants to connect with the children, speaking in their own language of play.


This is not art therapy - it is using the expressive and creative arts to create a deeper connection with our children. 






This training is suitable for psychologists, psychotherapists, teachers, parents and carers who want to understand the neuroscience of connection with children and participate in at least 3 experiential play activities.



  • None - designed for beginners through to experienced profressionals



  • None - designed for beginners through to experienced profressionals



  • 6 hours worth of Workshop Videos 
  • 9 hours worth of experientials for students



  • "I absolutely loved and gained so much from the Neuroscience slides, the resources given and then the application to children. " 2024 participant
  • "I recently had the opportunity to conduct two QUESTing  (learned from this workshop) sessions, and I must say, it was precisely what my clients and I needed. There had been a noticeable 'stuckness' in their processing, and QUESTing opened up the essential space for breakthroughs. The transformation was evident immediately, as it significantly helped another client who had been stuck on a particular concept for a while. I am immensely thankful to Noula for introducing us to this powerful process. The gift of QUESTing has been transformative.


Approaching Children & Adolescents Through The Expressive Arts - Workshop

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